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 Wednesday thru Saturday : Lunch + Dinner 11 to 9


check out our Current Specials and Everyday Menu available as well


savory break cakeSAVORY BREAKFAST CAKE (nut+soy+gluten-free) A savory herbed cake layered with saffron edenaise, candied onions, grilled tomatoes, carrot coulee, local grilled eggs and a basil cream sauce with cheddar and mozzarella cheese. (11.)


 diablo rancherosDIABLO RANCHEROS (gluten-free) Roasted breakfast potatoes sitting in a pool of our yummy Diablo cream sauce with short brown and black forbidden rice, cheddar and mozzarella, two grilled eggs, chick pea pico, red salsa and toasted corn tortilla chips. (11.)


orange van french toastORANGE VANILLA FRENCH TOAST (vegan/soy+nut-free) Local artisan bread brushed with an orange batter made with vanilla, brown sugar, fresh orange juice, candied zest and flaxseeds…served with our sweet butter, candied orange peels, toasted brazil nuts and maple syrup. (9.) add egg (1.5)  add candied walnuts (1.5)  gluten-free=sub potato flatbread


BLTBLT SAMMY (vegan+soy-free) Local eight-grain bread, toasted and loaded with strips of grilled maple agave infused smoked Satan Bacun (seitan), saffron edenaise, juicy tomatoes, pickles, pickled red onions, mixed greens and our creamy cashew cheese. (11.)  make it a BELT with grilled eggs (3.)


egg benedict gfEDEN’S EGG’S BENEDICT (nut+soy+gluten-free) Our potato flatbread laced with a smoky tomato aioli and topped with our delicious hollandaise and delicately poached local organic eggs with tomatoes and sweet candied onions, grilled mushrooms and bleu cheese crumbles. (12.)  vegan: sub our cashew cheese sauce and falafel or tofu




vegan breakfastVEGAN BREAKFAST   (nut-free) Grilled organic Central Soy tofu dusted in spiced nutritional yeast served over candied onions and our roasted potatoes topped with our delicious chunky tomato basil marinara with local eight grain farm to market toast. (11.)    add cashew cheese (1.5)


morning hashMORNING HASH (vegan/gluten-free) Roasted breakfast potatoes with candied onions, mushroom taco filling, grilled squash, green peppers, red salsa, Chick Pea Pico, grilled Central Soy tofu chunks and creamy cashew cheese sauce. (11.) add poached or grilled egg (1.5) add dairy cheese (1.5)


indian burritoTHEINDIAN BREAKFAST BURRITO Large local flour tortilla stuffed with hummus, brown rice, felafel crumbles, organic egg salad and red onions served atop a dreamy pool of our tomato and red raisin chutney with our chick pea pico and a curried spinach puree. (13.) vegan: sub our cashew cheese sauce and falafel or tofu | add cheese (1.5)


mimosaMIMOSA ! (gluten-free)   Eden’s take on a classic…sparkling wine and one of our delicately flavored ice cubes in a sugar agave rimmed glass, with orange juice…the flavor changes as the ice melts…exciting !  ( 8. )


SPARKLING SHANDI (gluten-free) Fresh ginger syrup with a flavor infused hand crafted ice cube blessed with sparkling wine with lemonade finish… your drink changes flavors as your ice melts.  ( 10. )


juiceFRESH JUICE   (8oz) Made to order…silky and smooth. Ask your server for today’s combination. ( 5.5 )


chocolate coffeeCHOCOLATE COFFEE (gluten+soy-free) We start with local Shatto Milk’s award winning chocolate milk, then we stir in the Roasterie’s stimulating organic and fair-trade coffee; top it with our homemade frozen coffee whipped cream and sprinkles of semi-sweet chocolate to keep you warm, blissful and awake. ( 6.5 )


belliniBLUEBERRY BELLINI (gluten-free) Blueberries infused with an orange zest blessed with sparkling wine poured over an intricately flavor infused ice cube that transforms your bellini experience as it melts. ( 10. )


ECO TEAS ORGANIC HOLY BASIL TULSI TEA    Revered for its soothing, adaptogenic qualities. Naturally caffeine-free with a delicious minty flavor and subtle calming effect. ( 4. )




choose 3 smaller versions from any menu

( 18. ) per person | additional items ( 6. )


KID’S BRUNCH MENU available too !


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